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Hello and welcome to our web site. We are DPS, Market-leading legal software developers and have been serving lawyers for over 30 years. We grew from developing case management systems.  Now we provide complete practice management solutions that include  Case Management Software, Legal Accounting Software, Client Portal Solutions, Digital Dictation and time recording.

From small beginnings our our legal software is now used by more than 18,000 users in 700 UK law firms, in-house legal teams and a growing number of ABSs. We also have a Local Authorities team that focus on the growing aspect of our Local Authority Market across the UK.

So we took one aspect of law management and added to it. We’ve now evolved to the point where we have evolved into a one-stop-shop provider of legal IT solutions for the Legal Practice. We now offer hosted and managed IT solutions.  tailored to each firm’s particular needs. dpscloud, our managed IT solution comes with all the legal software applications you require as well as Microsoft Office licences and hardware support.

This “pay per month” model is becoming increasing attractive to a number of our clients. They choose this  to relieve themselves from the burden of managing their technology in house. You can find out more about hosted IT here.

Legal Software? It’s all bit Holistic

At DPS we are very much focused on long term client relationships. We are not here to make a sale or provide practice management, we are very much into long term mutually beneficial relationships.  Our job is to save a legal business time and money, make work that little bit more efficient. If we are doing this then we are doing our job properly and consider the relationship a success. If we are not then clearly we need to do better.

The sad thing about IT provision is that if you hear nothing then that’s great, it’s all working properly as it should. Let’s face it no one ever said, “fantastic I got on a plane and got off the other side of the world, that worked well”! That’s IT, should work and work quietly in the background.

News and Events

New User Webinars

New User Webinars

Book a webinar or one to one presentation here if you want to learn how our software can help improve your bottom line.

Learning Webinars

Learning Webinars

We hold a series of webinars to help our users get more from their DPS software usage. See our schedule and book here.

See What Our Clients Say

See What Our Clients Say

Listen to our clients being interviewed by industry professionals. They explain why they chose and how the benefot from DPS.

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