5 Performance-Improving Tools Your Legal Team Needs


Your team is at the heart of your company’s success. Motivating your employees to put in their best is an art traditionally achieved through several factors. Good management plays an important role, as does an encouraging work culture and clear key performance indicators that your team can strive towards.

And while nothing can replace these age-old practices, there are now technology tools that can smoothen the way, especially in a detail-heavy field like law. Here are five of the best performance-improving tools that every legal team needs.


  1. DPS Spitfire

Project management is a many-headed beast. How much time is lost in trying to organise the various pieces of information associated with a case, in looking for communications and disappearing emails? DPS Spitfire is a cloud-based project management platform that makes this task easier.

  • This online portal combines your email, calendar, tasks, and case management and practice performance reports in a single space to boost efficiency.
  • It monitors a company’s key performance indicators, so that you can see how an individual or department is doing against their targets.
  • It’s both highly accessible and highly secure, so the legal team can use it from anywhere, without fear of compromising data.


  1. iTime

Logging time is crucial for any legal team, and can eat into valuable hours of manpower. Now there’s an app that does it for you. iTime has many benefits that boost productivity:

  • It allows you to record time spent on your case. It has a biometric login – all it requires is your thumbprint and you’re good to go!
  • It also links with DPS Spitfire, a case management app, allowing you to take your cases with you wherever you go.
  • Its performance feature allows you to measure your personal performance against targets and generally stay on top of cases.
  • It works well offline, allowing you to log time in those no-network areas (it syncs when you’re back online).


  1. Google Voice

Ever lost track of how much time you’re giving your clients? Find it difficult to separate your personal and professional lives? These are pressing concerns for high-pressure sectors such as law, where being on call all the time seems a necessity. But establishing a healthy boundary between your work and home life is important, and Google Voice helps you do just that.

  • With Google Voice, you can set up a separate number for work calls – and you don’t need to buy a separate mobile phone.
  • You can restrict the timings of these calls and texts, so that your client can still text you but without reaching your personal number and disturbing you while you’re busy.
  • You can check the calls and texts during the hours you’ve set for Google Voice.
  • It even transcribes voicemails for you, so that you can read these in court.
  • It’s an excellent way to keep track of your client hours, as all the data is timed for your records.

  1. Casetext or Ravel

As any legal team knows, research is a large part of the job. Hours are spent examining case studies and looking for relevant case law. What if there were apps that could help you with this process? Both Casetext and Ravel cut down the hours your team spends in research, maximising their efficiency and preserving their energy for trickier tasks.

  • Casetext has an artificial intelligence search called CARA, which finds cases similar to yours in terms of facts, legal issues and jurisdiction. It’s very simple to use: simply drag or drop a complaint or brief into the app and CARA will do the rest!
  • Ravel collects data on previous rulings by the judge assigned to your case, so it can tell you how the judge is likely to rule even before you’ve stepped into the courtroom! It’s invaluable information for forming a legal strategy and ensures you don’t make any mistakes that could cost you the case.


  1. StayFocusd

Sometimes what your team needs most is to focus on the task at hand. While we would all like to believe we are never distracted, this just isn’t true in the age of infinite distractions. So much time can be wasted on websites that eat into your day, leaving very little space for work. Enter StayFocusd.

  • StayFocusd is a Chrome extension that essentially limits the amount of time you can spend on a chosen site in a day. You choose the site and the amount of time. Once your time runs out, that site will be banned for the rest of the day.
  • It’s very versatile, allowing you to block entire sites, specific subdomains, specific paths, specific pages, and in-page content such as videos, games and images. Its versatility is its greatest strength, allowing individuals and companies the freedom to decide how they want their time spent.


These tech tools will help your legal team boost productivity. To learn more about how DPS software can boost your legal team’s efficiency, get in touch with our friendly team today.


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