Leeal Accounting Software

DPS Software has been providing our legal case management system to UK law firms for over 30 years. Today we serve hundreds of law firms and thousands of individual users with software covering every area of practice.

The case management systems cover conveyancing, crime, personal injury, family, and wills and probate. These are backed up by a fully integrated accounting package and digital dictation systems. Today, DPS Software is the largest legal cloud in the UK and is the only legal practice software provider to offer an integrated managed IT solution under the same roof.

Every client has a choice of which areas of the software they wish to use, since it is provided in modules. This means that you can simply use the modules you need and leave the others.

DPS case management software allows users to keep a totally electronic file on a case including all documents such as emails, letters that have been scanned, forms, Excel spreadsheets, and anything else. Cases can contain hundreds, or even thousands, of documents, all of which can be accessed very simply by any users who have access. You can search for documents which contain a certain phrase, address, contact name, etc.

The digital dictation software that we provide can be fully integrated into the case management software. This means that you can produce a case management document with the header and footer automatically inserted, and the fee earner dictates the body. The names and addresses are called up from the database and the secretary then gets the document and the dictated sound file. So the fee earner has less to dictate, and the secretary has less to type, saving time all round.

DPS iTime is an app that can be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes store. This allows you to dictate against the case and record time against it. You can also record expenses and view reports and stats. When connected to the internet DPS iTime sends all the recorded time and expenses to DPS Spitfire which is our web based Practice Management System. iTime mixes the time recording and dictation so that you can work from wherever you happen to be and you won’t forget to record the time for the work.

iTime saves money because you don’t need to buy any hardware for dictation other than a phone which you doubtless already possess.

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