Do you run a legal firm? If you do then you understand the pressure of having to manage everything on your own, from handling court documents and managing cases to taking care of hourly billing and accounting. Thankfully, DPS’ cutting-edge software solutions are here to make things a whole lot easier for you. Our software is specifically developed and designed to combine everything from digital dictation, text messaging, case management, accounts and more all in one place. By integrating our software, you can access all your documents, letters and emails quickly. Moreover, every activity that goes on in your law firm will be accounted for and automatically costed.

Our Legal Aid Software Features
Our pioneering software created with the needs of lawyers in mind boasts the following features:

  1. Uncomplicated client and matter creation process, which includes automated anti-money laundering and analysis of risk
  2. Integration to Outlook
  3. Easy access to files from all types of browsers and devices
  4. Integration of legal accounts
  5. Compliant with SRA
  6. Dashboard provides Practice Management Business Intelligence reports enabling legal firm owners to ascertain their revenue and take necessary steps to increase their profit

Simplified Management Of Data
DPS Software’s case management software plays an integral role in making day-to-day running of legal firms easier. Without a doubt, entering case data is a time consuming task that all law firms must carry out diligently and accurately. However, anything that is done manually leaves a lot of room for errors. But, by using our software, you can streamline data management and be able to quickly assemble all your emails, forms, and documents.

Basically, our software allows you to maintain an electronic file of all things important. You can access the information any time you want and from anywhere. As long as you have a working Internet connection, you can work from home or a remote location. And that is not all. Thanks to our DPS full text search, you can quickly search for what you need by entering a phrase or name.

When you are a legal firm it is imperative that you stay ahead of the competition, and this is where DPS legal software puts you one step ahead. Why not talk to us, today!

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