Automation at Your Law Firm: Friend or Foe?

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As progress in modern technology gathers pace, it is tempting to succumb to worries about what it will mean for the way we work. How will we keep up with the rate of change? How can we harness the benefits of advancing technologies? Might our jobs become obsolete altogether?

Far from being a source of anxiety, automation should present your firm with a wide range of opportunities – not least of which is the ability to maximise the expertise of your lawyers, case by case. Here, we explore why automation in the legal profession should be celebrated rather than feared.

Make room for legal work, not paperwork

The legal profession has historically been responsible for rooms full of paper – case files, case histories, contracts, copies of contracts… the list goes on. Documenting all the details remains as important as ever, but, with the help of automated systems and cloud-based storage, it is now possible to streamline your filing, access your case files digitally and send contracts, invoices and correspondence via integrated practice management software.

Once your office has all its resources on tap digitally, your practice management software will be ready to take on all the paper-based tasks of old – instantly. No more waiting for a letter to arrive, or digging through emails for key information – everything will be stored together in real time for secure client access.

Work together and share updates in real time

Cloud-based technology can make it easier for you to collaborate as a team, especially if you are working across different time zones. Accessing your case documents in the cloud means that several people can work on the same document at the same time, without losing any of the changes.

With cloud-based practice management software, you can quickly and easily share case documents and updates with your clients and colleagues within minutes of new developments. Legal worries can be incredibly stressful for your clients, which is why it is so reassuring for them to receive up-to-the-minute updates on what’s happening and why.

Increase caseload without compromising on quality

A huge benefit of technology for legal firms is that they can take on more cases – and this is a benefit for lawyers, too, because they can automate some of the more straightforward tasks and focus their energy on resolving complex legal issues and tackling interesting projects.

Automating your law firm’s systems and maximising your lawyers’ available case-working time is a win-win for your clients, your lawyers and your firm:

Your clients: They will be looking for legal expertise from your firm above all else, so the more billable hours they pay for expertise rather than administration, the better.

Your lawyers: Pushing paper around isn’t going to challenge the talented legal minds within your organisation, but working closely with the people involved in each case to identify creative solutions will drive their expertise to new heights.

Your firm: Your reputation for managing cases efficiently, effectively and with a focus on finding people-centred solutions should soon reward you with new and repeat clients.

Technology has the power to enhance your business’s opportunities and provide your lawyers with more time to work on challenging and varied cases. By creating extra time to focus on developing your lawyers’ depth and breadth of experience, as well as to invest in training and career progression, automation can serve your clients, your colleagues and your bottom line.

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