Legal case management software has been around for some time now. Indeed, at DPS software we have been providing assistance to legal practices for over 30 years so it is not as though the idea is some sort of amazing new technology that has only just arrived on the market, even though we strive to add new features all the time. What is surprising is just how many law firms are still using 20th century methods involving the use of lots of paper which require a large amount of physical storage.

It is probably fair to say that even today legal firms cannot manage without a certain amount of paper. For instance, if an original document needs to be shown in court it has to be the original document, not an online copy. However, software for legal case management can allow you to do away with the vast majority of the paper and has many benefits.

Possibly one of the most important of these is that you cannot lose a document. Put your hands up everyone who has never searched for a document that has been filed in the wrong place. Quite! The problem with a physical document that has been misfiled is that it simply could be anywhere. There is no way of knowing where to start looking.

When you use software to keep all your files and documents they are all in one place. This also means that anyone else who is working on the case can access all the required documents and also knows that they will be the latest version. Any alterations that have been made will have been updated. It also gives you the ability to know who has accessed a document, when, and what alterations they made, if any.

Furthermore, rather than composing and mailing documents yourself, our software can do this automatically: forms can be generated from the information you have on your client’s file and emailed so that they can be signed electronically, which is a very big time saver.

Another very big advantage of legal case management software is the ability to access it from anywhere. You could be travelling on a train or sitting in court waiting for a case to be called and you can be earning fees instead of just wasting time.

Those are just a few of the many advantages of using legal software. There are many more. If you have not yet got around to investigating the benefits it will pay you to do so.

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