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So it’s half-term. You may have turned up to work this morning to find empty desks as people have had to use up valuable annual leave to look after the kids.

So how does this affect your firm?

The single most important part of any company is its people, for without them, things simply do not get done and work grinds to a halt. So, if people aren’t coming into work, then things aren’t getting done. That urgent completion will lay dormant. Clients will be left waiting, your business will suffer.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, workers no longer have to be shackled to their desks. You can now do your job from anywhere in the world!

Have to stay at home with the kids? No problem.

Stuck in another city and the trains are all cancelled? Get yourself somewhere warm with some WiFi and you can get to work.

Car being repaired and no way to get to work? You get the idea.

The point is that we no longer have to abide by traditional ways of working as technology has set about a revolution in the way that we get things done. In fact, it is estimated that half of Britons will be working remotely by 2020.

What are the benefits of remote working?

  1. Work gets done

As mentioned previously, those times when employees otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it into the office suddenly are no longer a problem. Implementing remote working and allowing your employees to work from home means that absenteeism is reduced, and more work gets done.

  1. Morale

What member of staff wouldn’t love to work from home every now and then? No commute means that they can stay in bed that little bit longer and wake up feeling more refreshed for the work day ahead. No gruelling journey home at the end of the day means that they have more time to enjoy with their family and promotes a better work-life balance, which in all leads to happier staff. That alone would be a great benefit, as who doesn’t want their staff to be happy, but with this, you’ll experience greater staff loyalty and lower staff turnover rates, meaning less time and money spent on recruitment.

  1. More room to grow

With staff working from home, you will have more room in the office. So, if your firm is doing well and you need to hire more staff to cope with the increased workload of a successful business, there’s no need to move to expensive new offices. Simply allow staff to work from home to free up more space in the office. With a reduced workforce in the office, you will also reduce costs on utilities parking and other office expenses.

  1. Productivity

Your happier, more refreshed workforce will feel happier in their work and be more motivated to do their job well and without the distractions of a busy office, will likely be able to get much more work done in a shorter space of time.

Sounds fantastic! How do you do it?

The answer is simple. DPS Spitfire.

Spitfire is our web-based Practice Management System. Accessed from a browser it allows you to complete all of the tasks you would normally complete within your practice management system, but from anywhere in the world.

Super quick and with full functionality, you can take your office home with you and run a more streamlined practice with less stress.

Fee earners can dictate from anywhere in the world using our mobile app, iTime, which then syncs with Spitfire so the secretary can transcribe within Spitfire at home. You can monitor the performance of all members of staff to ensure that nobody is taking liberties with the freedom that comes with remote working.

If offering your staff complete freedom to work from home doesn’t sound too appealing, then how about a more pragmatic approach? With Spitfire you have the freedom to make this choice. You can have staff working in the office and if they aren’t able to make it in for any reason then they can work from home or from court or from anywhere else in the world.

To get a demonstration on how Spitfire can help your business implement a more flexible working structure call now on 0208 804 1022.

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