DPS Software provides users with criminal case management software that gives precedents covering a firm’s typical requirements yet is totally flexible. It is designed so that you can customise it to fit in with your own day to day working practice. It has been built from the ground up for the criminal lawyer who needs the control of the criminal franchise procedure yet wants to save a lot of the time associated with working with it. The DPS LAA crime billing system works with the latest Publicly Funded and Franchising Criteria.

A full case history of each matter and the actions completed are held against the file and any user can access it without the need for paper file records. This makes certain that any court dates or information about the case are not missed. There is a Tasks List included which makes certain users are reminded of actions that need to be taken and the dates by which they must be done if applicable.

Most importantly, time can be entered manually or can be recorded in real time as work is being carried out. The system also keeps a record of disbursements, correspondence, and phone calls, and time is automatically sent to the DPS Financial Director accounts system to enable work in progress reports.

The system fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook so that emails can be sent immediately to any contacts on the file, including police stations and the courts. Every email, either incoming or outgoing, is recorded and charged to the correct file. When emails are sent through Outlook, they can automatically be attached to the case file as can incoming emails.

If a user sends an email or letter to anyone involved with the case that needs to have a reply within a specific time period, the user can include an instruction that the contact needs to be chased. What that means is that if a reply is not received within the specified time, the system will automatically send reminders to the relevant party and will include attachments that have a copy of the document that needs a response.

All LAA forms are fully integrated and are completed automatically. For billing purposes this includes the CDS6, CRM11 and CRM7 forms. The former can also be uploaded directly to the LAA website saving hours of manual input. The DPS software will also bill any recorded Crown Court, Litigators Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS) and, where applicable, Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS) work.

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