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Why should law firms consider outsourcing their IT

Cloud computing-managed IT for law firmsRecent events have brought the vulnerability of the legal profession in terms of cyber security into the public eye. The Lawyer announced yesterday in one of their articles that an unnamed leading City firm was the target of such an attack. Gladly, this hacking attempt was fought off successfully, most likely thanks to the robust IT system supporting their operations.

As a spokesman for Allen & Overy pointed out “These attacks are a lot more common than people realise.’’ Full-on system processes are needed, he continues, to protect your law firm from attacks. This is when managed IT solutions prove their usefulness- helping you protect your clients’ sensitive data by establishing and implementing thorough security processes and procedures– from the simplest (i.e. installing the right antivirus software on your staff’s machines) to the most complex (such as backing up your data offsite).

Besides providing you with the right skills and resources to protect your firm from cyber-crime, fully managed IT solutions also relieve you from the daily hassle of managing your IT systems, allowing you to focus on your casework, not on your technology.

The goal of our latest white paper is to help law firms move away from outdated work practices and obsolete technology by educating the reader about the possibilities brought about by ‘dedicated IT departments’ provided by external providers (like DPSCloud).

Presenting the opinions of law professionals that have taken the progressive decision to implement an outsourced IT model in their firm, the white paper lists the benefits of being one of the 6% of UK businesses that are equipped to deal with cyber-attacks (according to The Drum) and use technology as a differentiator with clients without having to manage it themselves.

The white paper is available for download here — >

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