Cyber Security

Cyber security is no longer a matter of concern for governments and banks only. Anyone is a potential victim for hacks and data leaks.

Not surprisingly, the rate at which law firms suffer fraud is increasing. Hackers wanting your firm’s money and data are employing sophisticated means to obtain the information they need.

Besides being extremely damaging to your firm’s reputation, these attacks are also extremely costly. Here are just a few examples:

  • A significant amount of customer data has fallen into the wrong hands as a consequence of the recent hacking attack against Talk Talk’s website. The hackers got hold of approximately 21,000 bank account numbers and sort codes and around 1.2 million email addresses, names, and phone numbers.
  • The company has also stated that not all of its data was encrypted which is why it was easily accessible to unauthorised third parties.
  • Due to a missed patch update, a large financial services firm with UK operations suffered a website breach which resulted in the attackers taking control of certain systems. The firm lost more than £500,000 in the process and had to spend over £250,000 to respond to the incident. It took them more than one month to fully restore their operations.
  • North-East law firm tries to reassure their clients that their money is safe after falling victim to a sophisticated scam. The fraudsters managed to obtain confidential passwords that they’ve used to access the firm’s bank account. A large sum of money was lost as a result of this attack.

The list could continue and includes other recognisable brands such as Marks & Spencer as well as local councils (see Islington Council’s ‘data disaster‘).

Can you afford the risk?

Our hosted IT solution- dpscloud will help you prevent data stealing and protect your firm and clients against the huge online crime waveOur company is ISO 27001:2013 accredited and also Cyber Essentials certified.These certificates provide strong evidence that we take information security seriously and that dpscloud is a reliable hosted IT solution.

A provider of legal software solutions for more than 30 years, we have welded the software to the hardware to provide a holistic IT solution. This unique expertise enables us to protect the boundaries of the software and cover any security gaps between software and hardware.

Hosting your data with DPS will also help you meet the rigorous criteria for Cyber Insurance, should you decide to address the possibility of cyber attacks in this manner. We can also assist you in becoming Cyber Essentials certified, if you so wish.

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