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Tip no.2- How to use the Global Document Search in DPS Outlook Office

Do you remember the last time when you had to find a file on your computer in a minimum amount of time without knowing exactly where this is located or who created it in the first place? The entire process proved more complicated than expected, ending up taking much more time than initially planned. You probably had to make a few phone calls only to discover that your colleagues were as uninformed about the file’s location as you were.

The Global Document Search tool of our case management system was specifically designed to address this issue by helping you find files (in any format) with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Here’s how it works:

1) Type in a search term in the search box- this can be the title of a document or a simple word in its content. Then click ‘’Find Now’’.

DPS Case management software

2) The system will return all the files matching the used keyword.

DPS case management software- screenshot


3) To narrow down the number of results, the search tool allows you to combine keywords, being able to match both search terms.

Case management software

4) As you can see, the number of results has decreased considerably.

DPS Case management software

5) Preview the content of the files in the preview box below the search results. You can increase or decrease its size as needed. The used keywords will appear highlighted so you can easily identify the information needed. If you’ve found the right file, click on it twice to open it.

Case Management Software- preview box- search result

This really is one the most powerful functionalities of our case management system and one of the tools that sets it apart from similar products available on the market. Why not take a more in-depth look at our software?


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