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DPS Go Above and Beyond for Central London Law Firm

Ridgemont Solicitors are a Central London Law Firm who specialise in Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Litigation, Employment and Intellectual Property Law.

They split from their parent firm in 2018 and needed a lot of assistance from DPS in order to keep their practice management software up and running and to avoid losing any critical data.

This involved assistance from a number of different departments at DPS including Client Services, Technical Support and Sales. This of course is something we are always happy to do for our clients however it never hurts to receive a little recognition and we were bowled over we received a wonderful treats package in the post from Ridgemont together with the following note:

‘Thank you everyone at DPS for being so patient and kind with us at Ridgemont!!! Hope you enjoy the treats.’

Well it was our pleasure and thank you very much for being a DPS Client. Yum!

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