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A DPS client doesn’t merely get access to our products. You become part of our community too. Committed to looking after your every need when it comes to legal software for your law firm, we see it as our duty to offer you more than just access to the software.

Part of this commitment is DPS Hub. Designed around DPS users and their needs, the Hub is an online environment for learning and training and is full of resources, software updates, latest news and access to training modules. Users can fully immerse themselves in the software, meaning they get the very best use out of it.

Let’s take a look at the different features…


DPS is constantly updating our software to keep it at optimum performance. All new updates are posted in the Hub so that you can download them at a time convenient to you and your law firm. They are categorised into sections such as General, Conveyancing, and Probate, to make whatever you’re looking for quick and easy to find.


At DPS, we provide regular training courses that help users initially learn how to use our software before fully adopting it. Aware that schedules are busy, and that people learn better at different times of the day, we’ve made all our courses accessible in the Academy so you can log in at a time that’s right for you. A wide variety of topics are available, including Getting Started with DPS Spitfire, Fee Earner User Course and Setting up Charts of Accounts.

These courses are especially useful when moving your law firm over to new software. It can be a daunting time for employees, but this additional resource can help combat fears of new systems and a reluctance to adopt, allowing them the time and space to upskill at their own pace.

Knowledge Base

Helpfully split into different topics, this section aims to answer any questions a user might have about any aspects of our software and services. This can save you time having to email or phone in, as you should be able to find the answer in just a few clicks.

We are constantly adding to this Knowledge Base in line with customer enquiries and as DPS develops further.

Video Library

Some people process information better in a video format, rather than a written one. Therefore, we have compiled all the videos that are used throughout DPS Hub in this section so that they are easy to find, be it from training modules in the Academy or articles in the Knowledge Base.


The Forum is a great space where users can interact both with each other and with us at DPS. You can ask questions, offer advice and even add to the Wishlist – a thread where you can let us know if there are any features you’d like to see added to our products.

At DPS, we want our clients to come on a journey with us. As technology and user requirements change, so will our products and services. DPS Hub ensures that everyone can upskill, keep abreast of the changes and get the most from their investment with us, all at times to suit them.

For more information about DPS Hub or any of the products we offer, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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