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With the outbreak of Coronavirus and the sudden shift to working from home for thousands of businesses, Microsoft have reported some issues with capacity on the Azure servers.

As everyone begins working remotely, more people are turning to MS Teams to connect with colleagues and this increase in use led to some users experiencing a few issues with speed and reliability.

Microsoft have announced that should they experience capacity issues, they will be prioritising ‘first responders, health and emergency management services, critical government infrastructure organizational use, and ensuring remote workers stay up and running with the core functionality of Teams.’

Some users may also have noticed emails being a bit slower and being unable to use all the Citrix VM resources that would have been normally allocated to them. This may then result in users, at worst, being unable to login through to speed and performance issues to all users in the firm.

However, Microsoft have today (30/03/2020) confirmed to DPS that they will be ‘expediting the addition of significant new capacity that will be available in the weeks ahead’, so you can expect these issues to lessen over the coming weeks. Microsoft released more details on their blog here.

In any case, to help alleviate these issues, DPS Software are building some big general-purpose servers that can be used by clients but will only have DPS and MS Office on them with no customisation.

For more information on this, please contact Client Services on

To help you with working from home during the COVID-19 crisis, we will be holding a webinar on Thursday 2nd April. You can find more details here.

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