DPS Software has been creating software for law firms for over 30 years – and although we say so ourselves we are very, very good at it. After 30 years, we should be! Talk to any of our clients and they will tell you they are extremely happy with what we do, and in many cases say they couldn’t work without us. Check out what Beth King – partner in Bromley, South London, solicitors Marsons – says here.

We have hundreds of law firms in the UK as clients, and between them they employ thousands of our users. Mostly, they would describe their job titles as partner, practice manager, IT manager, solicitor, or legal cashier.

We are the only legal software supplier who provides an integrated hosted IT solution under the same roof, and we are the largest legal cloud supplier in the UK as well.

Everything that we do at DPS Software is produced in modules, and this means that any law firm can make use of only the services it needs which can then be delivered by the cloud as SaaS or as part of a fully-managed hosted solution.

Applications available include conveyancing and remortgage, criminal cases, billing, personal injury, family and childcare, will drafting, probate and estate accounts, matter management, and software for local authorities and local government. We also provide bespoke application development which can load your own precedents, forms, and workflows which can be tailored to your own specification, and in turn means that you can pick up the system and get to work immediately.

Workflows can be set up so that they can prevent some users carrying out certain tasks until approved. This means that more experienced users can move from one stage to the next without hindrance, while less experienced users may need permission.

Every system is supplied with a full set of documents and forms, and case information is automatically pulled into them. Paragraphs are selected according to the individual circumstance of the case, meaning that no two letters are the same. Furthermore, if a letter has been produced and subsequently needs an amendment, the user can dictate it for transcription by a secretary, or it can be made instantly if the user has the ability.

Whatever your requirements for legal software, call us on +44 (0) 20 8804 1022

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