We’ve done it! We’re on G-Cloud. That means DPS are pre-approved for all public sector procurement,

After a lot of  hard work by the DPS Software Local Authority team we’ve passed all the necessary checks. This means we are pre approved to supply the United Kingdom Government & local authorities with our software & services.

What do our Directors say?

“This is a great move forward for the future of the company and the public sector. We have the resources and the capabilities to supply Government bodies with our software. We are delighted to be a G-Cloud supplier” said Osman Ismail, Managing Director of DPS Software expressing his delight at the news.

“Our technical team has put in the hours to ensure that we meet the demands and needs of the public sector. This is an important step forward for the DPS public sector team”, said Scott Ridley, Technical Director of DPS Software.

Well done to Gavin and the LLG Team at DPS

A huge thank you to Gavin Wilson head of the Local Authority and Public sector team at DPS for making it happen. He stressed that “to be approved and registered on the G-9 portal enables us to supply our software & services to local governments with minimum fuss”.

This has all followed on from the successful roll out of DPS LLG  (Click to Read More) to LGSS who have been successfully using it since November 2016.

This is a huge step forward for the DPS local authority team . They are now challenging other suppliers who have been in this sector  for years. DPS’s fresh ideas and innovative software solutions are being well received in this sector. A sector that needed some new suppliers with new ideas!

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