The Aspose suite of products is used throughout the DPS Spitfire range. Spitfire is an all in one practice management system from DPS Software. The system is completely browser-based and is accessible via Chrome or Safari on a device of your choosing with an internet connection.

Spitfire includes all of the features you would need in a Practice and case management system. The Aspose mail components are at the heart of our integrated email and calendar which is a fundamental part of the legal case. DPS use the Aspose components to build cross-platform applications with the ability to create mail, manipulate, analyse & convert and transmit messages without using Microsoft Outlook or Office Automation.

The DPS Spitfire product features a full-function document assembly language that build native word documents. The Aspose.Words product is used to modify and render and convert the created documents without the need for a word license or any reference to Microsoft Word. DPS Spitfire uses this library to create a document that the user can then edit in Word Online or desktop Word.

The document assembly library in DPS Spitfire extends to PDF documents and Aspose.PDF is used to parse read, manipulate and write PDF files without any Adobe Acrobat dependencies. What’s more, DPS Spitfire uses the API to provide features such as the conversion of PDF documents to multiple formats as well as transform PDF files to conventional raster & vector images.

DPS Spitfire is a very comprehensive case management tool that needs to bring together email, calendar, time recording and all aspects of legal case.  The Aspose library helps DPS pull this all together and produce a product that isn’t limited to just the time-saving. Spitfire enables firms to be far more efficient.

Cases contain a full electronic file history, so all documents on a case are held in one place accessible from anywhere allowing you to work towards a paperless office. Documents can then be shared from the file history in a number of ways. You can sign the document electronically before sending via email, the integrated file-sharing software called DPS SafeBox, which allows for the secure sharing of large files, or via the integrated client portal, MyLegalSpace.

These documents on cases are all powered by the Aspose library including a full set of workflows for the legal practice area along with forms, letters and precedents. All of these can be automatically populated from information already entered into the system saving time on double entry.

DPS Spitfire is completely online so you aren’t reliant on hardware and can access the system from any device. In these days of COVID 19 this is even more essential and the web-based Aspose products clearly facilitate this.

In all, Spitfire is a great system that brings law firms many great benefits. As well as improving team efficiency and productivity, it allows firms to ensure business continuity and implement agile and flexible ways of working.

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