Growing your law firm in 2020

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A law practice guide to growing your law firm in 2020

As a new year approaches, it is natural for businesses to start thinking about what the year ahead will hold for them. Whatever the state of the market in your particular area of expertise, it is likely that your law firm is looking to grow in terms of both client numbers and overall income. You may also be thinking about growing your team – in which case, you’ll also have employee support and training on your mind.

To help you gather your thoughts about what lies ahead for your business, consider the following key areas that we feel will be pivotal to law firm growth in 2020.

Build and maintain client relationships

Your relationship with your clients is central to the success of your business. Your clients need to trust you from that first positive impression, so make sure that the positivity of your relationship permeates every encounter.

Once the client relationship has been firmly established, be sure to stay in regular contact with your clients – you never know when they might need you or be reminded of a niggling issue they need help with. And if they get in touch with you or have a question, aim to address their query as soon as possible. Dealing with your firm should be a positive and effortless experience, so meet and exceed your clients’ expectations every time.

This may all sound like a lot of work, but technological advances mean that staying in touch is easier than ever. Using a reliable and user-friendly legal practice management system like DPS Spitfire will enable you to follow up on queries quickly and efficiently. And when you deliver a consistently excellent service, clients will keep coming back to you for more help when they need you – and will even recommend you to others.

Focus your energy on developing your strengths

You can’t be all things to all people. Even if you do cover a wide range of legal areas, you are almost certain to have a dominant passion, strength or level of expertise that sets your firm apart in some way. You may specialise in a particular area of law, but your point of difference could be more subtle: for example, maybe you have a reputation for adaptability because you offer a range of flexible payment options to help people in difficult financial situations. Nurturing your strengths and delivering on your promises to your clients will lead them to not only turn to you for advice but also to recommend you to others.

Tailor your business plan to enhance your strengths, and ensure that the whole team is on board with your strategy. You don’t want some colleagues to be diverting their energy into areas that steer the business off-course from its long-term goals.

Revisit your online marketing

Your strategies for growing your business should follow your business plan to the letter, and marketing will be essential to your success. Your social media and email marketing should deliver interesting and original content that emphasises your expertise, and your website will need to provide reliable and engaging information in a way that is accessible for future clients.

Ask yourself if your website design needs a refresh – does it look modern, is it easy to use, can your clients find the information they need? It may also be a good time to check how your site looks on a range of devices – is it optimised for mobile, and does it look good on a tablet? Potential clients will expect to find that your website works well on any device they use.

If you still feel that your website is struggling to generate new leads, look to search engine optimisation (SEO) to help you climb the Google search ladder. Remember to focus on your business plan and areas of expertise to help you drive the most helpful traffic to your website and generate the most useful leads.

Optimise the way you use technology

Your legal practice management software may have more potential than you realise. As well as helping you to communicate efficiently with clients and colleagues, it can also give you valuable insights on how your business is performing.

Explore your reporting options to track your firm’s performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Study the wealth of data available to you and consider what might be the most helpful metrics to monitor. And if you realise you need something a little different to meet your requirements, DPS Software can help you to create bespoke reports for your firm.

The year ahead is full of possibility. Contact us today if you want to find out more about how DPS Software can help you maximise your firm’s potential in 2020 and beyond.

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  1. Adam Buckland on 07/01/2020 at 7:46 pm

    Some good advice but law firms do need to be careful when marketing their services as the new rules issued by the SRA are very prohibitive when it comes to contacting non-clients. You can read more here

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