Thousands of lawyers across the UK have this month been working more productively by simply downloading an app to their mobile phones. Downloads of DPS Mobile increased by more than 150% across the App Store and Play Store throughout June and July as people get more accustomed to working from home.

Fee earners become more productive with the app whether on the go or stuck at home in quarantine as it allows them to record time, dictate, manage their cases and track KPIs, all from their mobile phone or tablet.

Stuart Wright, Operations Director at Josiah Hincks Solicitors, said “When we went hosted, initially one-third of those who were dictating, used DPS Mobile, now one hundred percent of them use DPS Mobile"

“The reporting system and the detail within the system, but not being Big Brother, has helped us monitor effectively what is going on and what we are seeing is staff being more productive and progressing files very well."

Stuart Wright, Operations Director - Josiah Hincks Solicitors

Solicitors have found dictating with DPS Mobile much more efficient and effective than traditional methods. When you dictate with DPS Mobile, you can edit and amend the dictation before sending to the secretary.

The dictation is automatically time recorded and added to the file history in the DPS Spitfire case management system. And when it is sent over to the secretary, they will find that a letter, complete with your firm’s header and footer has already been prepared and using your phone’s own voice recognition system, the dictation will have already been transcribed. All the secretary will have to do is check that everything is correct and make any amendments necessary.

Aside from dictation, you’ll also be able to record time and expenses against a case file. Whether private or crime time, you’ll be able to record in the appropriate format, ensuring you don’t miss any billable hours.


No Data? No Problem!

All the fantastic features of DPS Mobile described above will obviously require an internet connection to sync with the Spitfire case management system. So, what happens when you’re at prison, or on a train in the middle of nowhere, or somewhere else, where data coverage/Wi-Fi might be a bit sketchy?

That is why DPS mobile is developed to work perfectly offline and sync all of your work to Spitfire once you connect to the internet again. Whereas other legal apps may hinder your work process, here at DPS we want to ensure that you are achieving the efficiency you strive for at any moment.

Managing a firm from anywhere!

The time and expenses being recorded in DPS Mobile can of course be reported on from Spitfire, but as a manager, you can also find Team Efficiency reports in DPS Mobile.

Now you can check on performance and business intelligence from the office, at home, or even whilst sunning yourself by the pool at your favourite holiday destination. With more people working remotely, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to make sure that everyone is staying productive from afar.

With the press of a button you can see KPI reports on time recordings, matters opened and a number of other financial reports to see which team members are working efficiently, which cases are being worked on and where more work needs to be done.


To find out how you can be more productive working from your mobile phone, sign up for your free demo today.

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