How DPS Software Can Work Alongside Your IT

Law firms must innovate to keep up with the times. In today’s world, that means acknowledging the role technology plays in our world and maximising its potential to make it work for your law firm. More and more companies are looking to switch to cloud-based services or upgrade their IT, and are often confused about the options or how it can be done. If you’re looking for a new service provider with state-of-the-art technology, here is how we can help you.


What DPS can do for you

DPS is one of the longest-standing legal IT providers in the UK industry. We’ve worked in the legal space for more than 35 years, with a background in legal case management and accounts software. This is coupled with a decade’s worth of expertise in developing hosted IT solutions. So we know better than anyone else that innovation is at the core of a successful company, and we have the experience to implement the best solutions for your firm.


There are two main ways in which we can help you…

  1. Working as your IT department

DPS provides a holistic cloud-based IT solution for all your IT needs. Many law firms are unable to dedicate manpower for IT management. If this is the case, we can offer what we call ‘Managed IT’. This is an outsourcing of your IT needs (servers, email, application software and backups) and computer-related management to DPS. Here’s what’s included in this option:

  • Case management software called DPS Spitfire specific to your area of law
  • Legal Accounts Software
  • Digital Dictation, which allows you to dictate documents
  • DPS iTime, to help you record your firm’s hours
  • DPS SafeChat, to allow for secure one-to-one client communications
  • The very latest Microsoft Windows-based software, including Office and Outlook
  • The very best cyber security


  1. Working alongside your IT department

Some firms prefer to maintain an in-house IT department. If this is the case, we can function as a host for a cloud-based service with DPSCloud. We would manage your software and the servers on which we host your data, but we would not manage any hardware that you would like to be in control of. In short, we will shape this model to what you feel comfortable with. For instance:

  • While shifting to DPS cloud-based software means that you do not have to maintain your own servers, you can still keep control of certain servers. For example, many law firms like to host their banking software in-house.
  • Moreover, while we provide on-site support, you can choose to opt out of this. If you would like to maintain your own hardware (e.g. PCs), we won’t impose this service option onto you.

DPS Cloud hosting leaves you in control. All it ensures is that you move your data to a more modern platform (a cloud-based service) that allows you greater flexibility and security.


How it works

If you choose to shift to DPS, here’s how the process would work.

  • Once an agreement is signed, we put together a project team and provide you with the team structure.
  • The team then meets with you at your offices. They stay for the full day, conducting an audit of the hardware and communications equipment.
  • Based on the audit, the team will build a technical environment at the DPS data centre.
  • All the applications you use are installed and tested (these include Microsoft Office). At this point, development of DPS applications begins with the development lead.
  • Your data is transferred to the DPS data centre. This is done outside of work hours and before the ‘go-live’ date.
  • Before the ‘go-live’ date, all members of your firm are trained in DPS applications, given introductory courses on their hosted desktops and logged in for pilot testing.
  • The hosted solution goes live on your site. Our technical and project management team will be on hand on the ‘go-live’ day to help with the transition.


This process has been implemented for several legal firms, including the Thomas Legal Group, Birds Solicitors, Levenes Solicitors and Ersan & Co. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, contact our friendly team today.


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