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How to achieve a work/life balance in the law firm | DPS Software

How to achieve a work/life balance in the law firm3 min read

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Achieving a work/life balance is difficult in today’s economy. According to a survey, 25% of professionals in the UK are unhappy with their work/life balance, especially in London. Most employees also don’t prioritise this factor when choosing their jobs, emphasising work enjoyment and salary instead.

This general difficulty of a work/life balance is compounded in the legal space, which relies on fees earned per hour. When you charge per hour, time becomes your most precious asset. How, then, do law firms justify asking their lawyers to take time off or work less? In today’s competitive economy, every penny counts.

One way to solve this is to change how we see a work/life balance. Working less to make more space for life does not mean damaging revenue; rather, it’s a way of keeping the top talent at your law firm and thus generating more revenue. It’s important to show you care about your employees – the more you climb in the rankings of the ‘best places to work’, the better lawyers you keep, and the more competitive you become.

So, here are some ways in which to encourage a work/life balance in your law firm.

Set clear priorities

Working overtime is a hazard of the law profession, but it is also compounded by the fact that most lawyers don’t know what work is a top priority and what can be delayed. Thus, they end up working extra hours to finish everything. Setting clear priorities for your firm and on a case-by-case basis may offer your employees more guidance on how best to use their work hours.

Working from home

Working from home is now very popular, with several corporations adopting the practice. And its value shouldn’t be underestimated in the law sector – it allows lawyers to save on their commute time and flexibly manage their hours. With the right software and administrative architecture, it could change how happy your employees are.

Equip your team with the right tools

It’s important that your law firm gives its employees the right tools to do their jobs. There are now several technologies that can help your law firm boost its productivity, and you should ensure your lawyers have these tools, so they can use their hours to the maximum.

Value time

When you don’t see time as a limitless resource but as finite, you learn to value it better. Implementing working hours across the firm will help your employees record their times better, as each moment of work will feel crucial. Teaching your employees to value their work time will help them learn to value their personal time as well, which will encourage a work/life balance.

Set a good example

Employees often look to the leaders of an organisation to see what to do. If the leader values their work/life balance, then employees will be more comfortable with taking those same decisions for themselves. In addition to setting a good example, you could also establish a formal work/life balance policy across the firm. This would attract new talent looking to live a well-rounded life.

To learn more about how our data solutions can help you reach that perfect work/life balance, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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