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In response to the coronavirus outbreak, many law firms have been forced to adapt to a new reality of working remotely. While all of us certainly hope that life will soon go back to normal, the months ahead will probably be volatile, hindering effective team collaboration. Under those circumstances, law firms should be agile and make proactive decisions to prevent this disruption from affecting their practice.

But, how can you achieve that? And where do you start from?

A big milestone to keep the momentum going in your business is to prepare the ground for successful collaboration among your legal practitioners.

Here are two key strategies you can adopt to take your team’s virtual collaboration to the next level.

1. Investing in modern workforce digital collaboration tools

Whilst working from home, your employees may feel disconnected and isolated, which can take its toll on their productivity and engagement. The good news, thought, is that you have the power to prevent this from happening to your legal team. On the cutting-edge of digital collaboration, there are reliable software solutions, such as DPS Spitfire, which can make dealing with this crisis easier, making your team’s virtual collaboration simpler, more secure and effective. In that sense, you can minimize the disruption affecting your business, ensuring your current cases will continue to roll as usual.

But what is even more intriguing about investing in a legal management software is that it can turn your current challenges into great opportunities and make your team thrive. According to a research conducted by Deloitte, using such technology solutions can play a key part in fostering a culture of innovation within your business, making your team feel valued and happy in their jobs, and thereby enhancing their productivity.

However, merely providing your employees with access to any kind of technology, without assessing its credibility first, is no longer adequate enough. In fact, it can put your law firm at great risk. With 96% of legal sector IT leaders expressing concerns about insider data breaches, you should carefully weigh all the available information and avoid rushing to decisions.

So, what’s your first step?

You should start looking for an ISO27001 certified legal case management system, such as DPS Spitfire, to ensure your software provider follows the best practices of information security, keeping your valid assets secure. Another top consideration on your checklist before purchasing a software, should be the evaluation of the degree of the potential interactivity across your IT systems. At DPS software, our practice management software is integrated with MyLegalSpace and mobile app, SafeChat, our client portal solutions, giving your team the freedom to share knowledge assets, including case files or updates, with the clients. And what is the most exciting thing about this? It happens instantly and safely, with the click of a button and the highest levels of data security in place.

2. Developing remote working skills

The truth is that it is fundamentally different to work remotely, and it often requires changes in the way you normally operate - but at the same time, it can give your law firm a competitive advantage. That is, utilizing technology to set up processes and expectations can help your team not only perform at its peak throughout the lockdown, but also develop new skills that will enable them to spot opportunities to structure their work in a more coordinated way.

So, if there’s one thing you should take away from this situation, it’s that with the right digital tools you can bridge the physical gap, ensure seamless collaboration and enhanced employee productivity. At DPS, we strive to support our clients in the best way possible, offering you access to Microsoft Teams, a brilliant tool that can help your team better connect with each other, host web conferences and prioritise work using Planner, Microsoft’s project management application. This fantastic tool facilitates teamwork, as well as progress visibility and coordination, allowing you to quickly create a plan, assign and organize work visually. By adding one or more Microsoft Planner tabs to a team channel, you can make sure everyone stays on the same page.

Want to explore more about how you can improve team collaboration? We’ve got you covered.

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