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Recruiting people with the right skillset, experience and expertise can be a headache for any employer, including legal firms. But finding the right person for each role is about more than completing your team – it is about ensuring that every employee feels valued and supported on their career path.

While paying a competitive salary may seem like an obvious place to start, you need to offer a comprehensive range of benefits to engage your ideal candidates. Here are three key ways you can attract talented legal professionals to your team – and retain their expertise long term.

Tailor employee benefits to the individual

Everyone is different. If you want to both attract and retain talented legal experts for your firm, it’s essential to be open to the requirements of everyone who joins your team.

Consider from day one what your new employee needs to thrive in their role. Would flexible working help them keep their work and personal lives in balance, or might some paid study leave help them enhance their qualifications – and therefore evolve the expertise they bring to your business? Would reducing their hours slightly each week allow them the freedom to focus on work when in the office, without worrying about how to fit in their other commitments?

When you create a culture of fairness and flexibility, you empower employees to return the favour by delivering their best work and contributing actively to your firm’s success.

Provide opportunities for career development

Although many new recruits may have aspirations towards senior management positions or partnership opportunities, others may want to grow in different directions. Make discussions about career development a priority so that your firm can offer career opportunities from the outset.

Communicate regularly with your team about their progress, and listen out for ways you can integrate their career goals with your overall strategy. For example, you could encourage staff to take on new projects and roles to help them get the experience they need to progress their careers.

Fast-evolving technology can present employees with an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge base and show leadership. Providing regular training on cutting-edge legal technologies, such as practice management software, can help keep your employees at the forefront of their field.

Work closely with human resources (HR) to identify opportunities for training and development. A recent survey showed that a lack of training and development support was a significant factor for people deciding to leave their jobs, so aim to reach out to employees at all stages of their careers to keep them happy and engaged.

Put communication at the heart of your business

If you have successfully put together a pay and benefits package that is complemented by training and development opportunities, your firm should feel like a positive place to work. However, it makes sense to check that this assumption is well-founded before you sit back and relax.

Communication is more than a 21st-century buzzword – it is at the heart of all successful companies. Is your organisation doing enough to encourage open communication and knowledge sharing? Creating an open culture where new ideas are encouraged, diversity is championed and innovation is welcomed helps to keep your firm ahead of the curve, as well as increasing your appeal to future employees. Furthermore, a culture driven by open-minded communication creates the ideal space in which to develop high-quality working relationships and nurture a spirit of teamwork, leading to greater employee engagement and wellbeing.

Communication might be the most valuable tool to focus on for long-term success because it is at the heart of all three of these points: working with individuals to create an attractive salary and benefits package that meet or exceed market norms; supporting colleagues on their career development journey; and creating a friendly and open workplace culture.

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