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When firms rely on their IT provider to supply both secure environment & software, they need to know that their provider is security certified at every level. DPS Cloud & Software were subjected to the highest level of security audit in September 2019 to renew their ISO 27001:2013 security accreditation.

The audit was a full as opposed to interim and covered all the systems and processes that the firm needs to follow to ensure they are following best practice throughout all their operations. DPS the leading legal software supplier has held the accreditation at a company level covering both their hosting environment and software development services for over 7 years.

The latest audit was in September 2019 and was over a 2 days period. The auditors assessed and tested all the security procedures including business continuity and disaster recovery processes.  The audit was completed, and the auditors commended DPS for their excellent security records including zero breaches and the minimum of non-conformity notices.

The DPS security infrastructure & knowledge of staff on data security principles was commended and the ISO certification was renewed for a 7th year running.

Francesca Bongiorno, ISM, DPS Software
Francesca Bongiorno, ISM, DPS Software

Information Security manager at DPS, Francesca Bongiorno, said: “We’re pleased but not surprised with our latest ISO audit. Security is vital and we ensure this is ingrained with all our colleagues so that following security procedures is second nature. It is never right to expect anyone to do something ’special’ to be secure. Security needs to be standard working practice and no more than, ’just the way we do things here’.

As a hosting provider DPS is the data processor for all their hosted clients and it is important that client can trust DPS to keep on top of data security procedures and keep their data safe. This audit, again, provides reassurance that we can do just that.”

DPS Software is one of the few legal software vendors who hold the ISO 27001:2013 accreditation at a company & software development level. This means their software and hosting environment is all under the standard. This gives clients trust in the software and the hosting is at top level security.

If you are interested in finding out more about DPS hosting and security, then please call DPS client services department on who will get you connected to the correct resource for your needs be this software or hosting. Call 020 8804 1022 or visit

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