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Virtual collaboration technology has long been considered as a catalyst of change, an instrument of evolution that empowers businesses to increase productivity and grow beyond traditional limits. In the business of law, however, there has always been a continuing reluctance to adopt such technologies as the greatest part of the sector was immature and unprepared for such radical changes. That explains why, back in 2017 there were just 800 lawyers working in virtual law firms in the UK.

However, this has now entirely changed. With millions of legal professionals being forced to suddenly shift from a "bricks and mortar" office to a remote work environment, most law firms, even those who had limited or no virtual office experience, had to adapt to this new reality of working remotely. In this context, virtual communication has been identified as the single most important soft skill that legal professionals need to have to cope with the current crisis.

So, with this new normal being most likely here to stay, how can you confidently support your legal team to collaborate effectively?

In this article, we talk about how a holistic legal software solution can help you bridge the physical gap and ensure business continuity even under these extreme conditions.

Excessive reliance on manual processing can slow your law firm down

With more focus than ever before being placed on transitioning to agile operations, the reality is that only law firms that are willing to digitize will manage to survive and be around when all this is over. The significance of having the right legal IT solution in place becomes even more apparent if you consider that almost 36% of law firms reported workflow bottlenecks as their greatest challenge, with that being before the Covid-19 outbreak.

And what were the reasons behind this? Lack of communication and of the right technology were named as the main impediments hindering workplace productivity and efficiency. Now, if you add to this the existence of an epidemic, it’s normal to assume that the effect of these barriers will be substantially more profound.

So, taking these appalling facts into account, it might now be the right time to start thinking of investing in an integrated IT solution, such as the DPS Spitfire, that will streamline processes and ensure your team will collaborate effectively even in a virtual environment.

Tap into the power of DPS Cloud

Pandemic or not, building a virtual law firm in the DPS Cloud offers a tremendous amount of benefits, including reduced overhead costs, increased agility, mobility and most importantly time - your most valuable asset - to build a more competitive firm that is able to go above and beyond to meet client demands. Going hosted in the cloud ensures all of your legal practitioners are always on the same page saving them time from searching for documents or sending unnecessary emails to their colleagues asking for updates. This allows your team to be more efficient and agile, stay focused on their goals and work uninterrupted, which increases their productivity and thereby benefits your law firm’s bottom line.

Being the largest legal cloud services supplier in the UK, DPS provides hosting solutions that can be tailored to your law firm’s needs and requirements.

But what does this practically mean for your legal practice?

It ensures your current cases will continue to roll as usual no matter what. By giving your dispersed team the ability to work together on the same project simultaneously, our cloud hosting model enables you to speed up projects even if your team is fully remote, just like in the case of Atkins Dellow. This means that with a reliable internet connection, your team can stay connected no matter their location, communicate effectively with each other and share knowledge assets and case updates with your clients through MyLegalSpace, DPS’ interactive client portal service, with the click of a button. And what is the best part of this? All happens instantly with the highest levels of security in place!

This is because DPS has been certified with the ISO27001 accreditation meaning that we take information security seriously following the best practices to protect you from cyberattacks. Thus, you can be certain that your data will be kept safe and out of the wrong hands at all times.


And that’s definitely not all. With over 35 years of experience in the legal technology industry, we have ensured our holistic legal software solution provides your law firm with all that you need to take your legal practice to the next level.

Want to learn more? Contact our expert team today and discover all the possibilities.


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