Many firms are now embracing working from home. Given the circumstances, it has become a necessity.

Firms affected by the COVID-19 crisis, with staff unable to attend the office either have to stop working or find a way to continue working from afar.

DPS Spitfire is the perfect product for managing your practice and cases from anywhere in the world, but what about collaborating as a team and meeting with clients?

In Spitfire, multiple members of staff can work on a file from their respective homes and with MyLegalSpace and SafeChat, you can securely send messages, documents and case updates to clients.

But as a user of DPS Software, you would also have access to Microsoft Teams, a fantastic tool for collaborating with colleagues and clients. Teams allows you to chat with other members of your team, via a text chat, voice or video call, so you can all work on projects together more easily. You can also hold online client meetings, which can be recorded if necessary.

Below you can find a quick video guide to Microsoft Teams, but Microsoft also have a number of training videos for Teams on their website here.

UPDATE: You can now find our video showing some of the more advanced features to make you more efficient and productive here.

And if you're looking for more advice on working from home more effectively, take a look at our Working From Home Hub here.

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