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As the festive season approaches, thoughts naturally turn towards the holidays and a restorative break from the office. But before this period of recovery from another busy year rolls around, you first have to clear your to-do list – which can be tricky when you are surrounded by distractions.

Your clients will still expect to receive their usual dedicated service right up to the Christmas period, and your firm will still have its own targets to meet. Encouraging remote working may help your firm to manage the pressures of the festive season and keep everyone happy in the process.

Find balance in a busy office

Enthusiastic cross-desk discussions about where to buy the perfect present, when to go for your team lunch and how to cater for a houseful of people may be entertaining and informative, but they won’t help you stay on top of your pre-holiday workload. Neither will the regular distractions of cake, chocolate and mince pies that seem to invade the office in December – nice as they are!

Taking just a day or two out of the office each week to work from home gives your team the opportunity to focus on key tasks – keeping clients up to date, making sure that all billing is in place and ready to send, and compiling contracts and letters with pinpoint accuracy. Your employees can then come into the office and embrace the team-building benefits of a day in your cheerfully festive office without worrying that they are falling behind on their client-facing responsibilities.

Work flexibly to maximise billable hours

Your office may seem busy because of all the excited chatter, but the reality is that people may also be on holiday more often – enjoying a day off here or there to go shopping or take the kids ice skating, perhaps. With fewer people on hand to keep clients happy and deliver on your objectives, you need every available hour focused on keeping the firm running smoothly.

Giving your team the flexibility to work from home will help you to offset the inevitable drain on working hours that is a hallmark of the festive period. It also means that everyone in the team can enjoy their free time more – when you can work through your usual commuting time, it leaves more time and energy for going shopping, attending school plays and making the most of the build-up to the holidays.

Use cloud computing to help you work from wherever you are

In today’s modern office, cloud-based computing systems are more likely to be used to drive collaboration and track projects than an office-based server, meaning that anyone in the team can access their files as long as they have an internet connection. You can be sat at home and accessing the exact same systems that you would be using in the office.

Remote working shouldn’t slow your colleagues down if they are connecting to cloud-based software. You can even have someone ‘on call’ over the festive period without having to open the office, as they can connect easily with client queries from wherever they’re spending the holidays.

DPS Software offers a range of integrated IT and practice management software that you can link to in the cloud and use to manage your business and maximise its productivity – even when the Christmas music starts playing. And by offering remote working to your team, you can find the ideal balance between delivering on December’s objectives while also celebrating the festive season together as a team, confident in the knowledge that the task list is complete.

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