Legal Software Training: The only way to successfully implement change

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It’s tempting when you buy new legal software to simply roll it out across your law firm without adequate training. Companies that do this are not being lazy – they simply assume the software will speak for itself and that in-depth training is unnecessary. But they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why you need legal software training...

Think of it this way. You’ve bought legal software to help transform your company’s operations. You’re looking to work faster and better, and you’re hoping legal software is the key to streamlining processes and offering your clients more value.

But for legal software to really work, your lawyers have to be behind it. This means that they have to use the platform with a full knowledge of its many benefits and how it can make their jobs easier. They have to use it effectively – otherwise, your new software will just mean mistake after mistake that needs correcting.

There’s also a more psychological reasoning behind software training, though. New software means change and that can be scary for your employees. At the very least, it can be destabilising. What is the new software? Why has it been introduced? How will it impact our jobs? These are just some of the questions your employees will be asking themselves. And if you don’t give them a proper introduction to using the software, which addresses their doubts, you risk alienating them. Employee backlash to change is a significant issue, but it is easily overcome. All you need is a sympathetic and supportive approach that soothes fears, boosts employee engagement and paves the way for the new road ahead.

DPS Software is by your side

We know how crucial it is for a law firm to feel supported with the software they are using. Many legal software companies chase after you before they have your business: phone calls, handholding, long meetings. But, once you sign that contract, all the support disappears – they’ve moved on to the next client and you’re left in the dark.

At DPS, we offer sustained and prolonged support for all our existing clients. It’s important to us that you feel taken care of. We offer in-depth training for your employees – such as pre-installation training, coaching when you go live, and ongoing support – so that your team knows the software’s features inside-out. Plus, our customer support is unparalleled – from onboarding and customer care to technical support and even an out-of-hours support line.

So, here’s just some of what you can expect when you partner with DPS:

  • When you use DPS software, you have the full support of over 70 people in our UK head office. Our client services and technical support team is only a phone call away during business hours, to ensure your legal software is running smoothly.
  • We also have client executives who are based on the road and visit clients every day.
  • If you’re working after hours, we have extended, out-of-hours support. Simply get in touch with our client services team to find out more.

Legal technology can be a tricky landscape to navigate for already-busy lawyers, but we’re always on call to show you how our platforms can make a lawyer’s life easier – ultimately boosting profits and increasing employee engagement. To find out more about how we can transform your business, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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