No modern law firm can succeed in today’s competitive environment without adopting new and more efficient work practices. Many of them are made available through the use of various technologies which make the role of the IT professional increasingly important in today’s law firm.

While the IT manager becomes more needed, his work also gets more challenging. To give you a more accurate idea of those challenges, we invited IT managers working for law firms to list the challenges they encounter as part of their jobs. Here are the answers they’ve given us on Spiceworks, an international community for IT professionals.

Challenge no. 1: Preventing the fee earner from breaching security regulations

‘’Their ability to google things to make life easier is what gets us.’’ said one of our respondents, explaining how their fee earners managed to find and use Dropbox to share files (some of them confidential and high profile documents) via the ‘cloud’. Another one described a similar problem: ‘’The biggest problem I see is attorneys emailing confidential information (like tax returns).’’ While the intention is good and the ‘unorthodox’ methods made the staff more efficient, the choice of tools was wrong.

To help you overcome the risks involved by ‘imaginative’ fee earners and the limitations imposed by free file-sharing tools, companies like us have developed client portal solutions– a more secure alternative to Dropbox- that allows fee earners to exchange documents securely via the Internet. The use of mylegalspace– a file sharing tool specifically designed for law firms- poses no security threats and relieves you from the worry of discovering that your fee earners are using a dodgy piece of software from the Internet, breaching all the security rules that one could breach.

Challenge no.2: Educating the user

According to another IT professional, training fee earners on the use of the technology available is another ‘difficult mission’. ‘’I think the most important and challenging aspect of providing IT services in a law firm is education from several perspectives.’’ he said, listing the areas that fee earners need to be educated on: security, new hardware, software, services, software usage, communication.

When it comes to most software products, like case management software, the training should be provided by the supplier. This is what we do. Our experienced team of trainers ensures that your users will be up to speed with the case management system so you don’t have to do it yourself. We also provide post-sales support to make things easier for you and your team after the implementation of the solution.

Talking about time- training fee earners is a challenging matter because, as, we all know, time is money and they’d rather spend it fee-earning. ‘’The nature of the billable work and the stress of a win/lose environment creates significant tension when it comes to time”

So when you choose a supplier for your case management software, digital dictation or client portal solutions, make sure that the company/companies providing them will not spend more time on training than it is absolutely necessary.

The fact that we offer all these software packages bundled together, makes the selection and training process easier and more time-efficient for you and the user. By giving you an overview of all those products in one go, we are able to ‘’take the least amount of time to teach the greatest amount of efficiency’’ as our responders put it.

Let us assist you in helping your fee-earners be more productive. Learn how our software solutions can help. Request a FREE, no-obligation demonstration.

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