Hands up everyone who enjoys logging their time!

Yes, we rather expected a resounding silence. Whatever job or profession you are in, there will always be parts of it that HAVE to be done regardless, but that you don’t enjoy. As far as the legal profession is concerned, the thing that everybody can’t live without is Time Recording.

How wonderful it would be if we can just hand the whole thing over to an app. Well, with DPS iTime, our legal time recording app, now you can.

Similar to other time recording applications in that it lets you record the time spent directly against the case you are working on, but the beauty of iTime is that it mixes your dictation with the time recording which means you can dictate while you are on the go and meaning you are less likely to forget to record time on that case.

DPS iTime can be downloaded from Google Play or from the iTunes store and installed on your smartphone. It is totally secure in that in order to log in you use your thumbprint and it fits with the security level of your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

DPS iTime works wherever you can access an internet connection, once connected, DPS iTime sends all your recorded time and expenses to DPS Spitfire which is our web based practice management system.

One of the advantages of iTime, as far as many lawyers are concerned, is that there is no need to purchase any other hardware for the purposes of dictation. What’s more, many legal professionals prefer to use their phone for dictation in any case. Another advantage of iTime is that permits you to monitor your personal performance against any targets and have more control over your work.

At DPS software we take pride in producing software which makes the life of hard-working legal professionals that much easier. We have been doing this for over 30 years. DPS Cloud is the largest legal cloud supplier in the UK, and we are the only legal technology supplier in the UK to be ISO 27001:2013 accredited at a company level. DPS iTime is another example of our innovative thinking.

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