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Unearthing the hidden knowledge in your law firm

Extracting business intelligence information from a large pool of data is a critical practice within the modern law firm. The work involved in legal cases includes collecting thousands of memos and legal records, looking at similar precedent cases and evaluating their findings to predict or construct desirable case outcomes. Modern technology like practice management software is enabling law firms to get more value from their data by making it easier to collect, access and organise.

Discover the hidden knowledge in your firm

Imagine what you could do if you were able to obtain objective information on important KPIs such as the number of matters or cases opened in a period of time, the amount of billed vs. unbilled work, the income generated by, along with targets and performance measures, of your fee earners. Our DPS case management system provides you with this data and more, enabling you to identify key trends related to the performance of your practice in just a few clicks of your mouse.

The Outlook-integrated DPS dashboard gives you access to a variety of real-time graphics related to the time spent and the revenue generated by your staff without any data-mining effort from your side. The mere activity of reporting information automatically has the potential to improve the effectiveness and productivity of your law firm as you will be able to make better-informed decisions about a variety of financial and non-financial matters. DPS Software makes the data readily available to you and to all those that you want to share it with via our live reporting dashboards.

Practice management software-DPS


Here is some of the data that you can track for a variety of time periods (7-14 days, 15-30 days, 31-60 days etc.):

– Matters closed

– Matters opened

– Amount billed

– Cash received

– Settled matters

– Cost/Profit per department/branch or fee earner

These variables are presented as pie and bar charts so you can digest the data easier. Our ad-hoc report writer also allows you to create bespoke reports which you can then load into the dashboards.

The use of our system allows you to not only visualise and process data efficiently but also to collect it on the go. ‘’Bits of paper are out and a mobile database you can update whilst visiting fee-earners and walking the floors is in.’’ note the Legal Support Network in one of their recent articles. Our practice management system can be accessed straight from your iPad or iPhone, allowing you to update and access case, matter or client- related records and update them wherever and whenever you are (if there is an Internet connection in place, of course).

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