Support, training and career development- The 3 principles of employee success

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Here at DPS Software, we understand the huge difference that an optimised IT system can make to a law firm. However, we also acknowledge that a successful firm is held together by more than reliable and effective technology. To get the best out of your team and achieve truly sustainable business success and growth, you need to invest in the people you work with.

Your people are the heart and soul of your organisation. Read on to find out how providing support, training and career development for your employees can help you develop and maintain a happy and successful workforce.

1. Support

When you hire new employees, one of the first things they are likely to want to confirm is that you are motivated to develop their potential: a 2018 survey from Totaljobs revealed that 9 out of 10 UK workers want their employers to invest in their training and development. Furthermore, the survey showed that two-thirds of UK workers have left a job because they did not get the training and development support they needed.

It may come at an initial cost of time and money, but investing in your employees’ development leads to increased employee retention, deeper employee engagement and greater employee happiness. When your workforce feels valued and supported, this ripples through all aspects of your firm and contributes to business growth and financial success.

2. Training

Being prepared to invest in training is one thing, but choosing the most beneficial training for your team requires some careful consideration. Every role is unique and each person will have different needs, so it helps to think about how you can get the best out of each individual in your team.

IT is one of the first core areas to consider when training new employees, because it shows them how to use and optimise your legal software and systems. DPS Software offers in-depth support and training to help your employees make the most of your IT systems from day one. We can provide regular training sessions on-site in accordance with your training requirements, and we also produce training webinars and materials via our DPS Hub to help support our clients and deliver continuing opportunities for learning and development.

3. Career development

Once new team members have had time to get to grips with your systems, processes and ways of working, they start their career path with your firm. Although employee retention cannot be predicted or guaranteed, you can maximise the prospect of holding on to talented employees if you offer them the opportunity for long-term career development.

Regular reviews and appraisals help you to connect with the ambitions of each employee and identify any training needs that will enable them to achieve their personal goals. Work closely with your human resources (HR) manager to ensure that no employee slips through the cracks. You may even want to invest in hiring a learning and development manager to coordinate employee training across your business, depending on the size of your firm.

When your team is operating at its full potential, your business can expect to see improved productivity, efficiency and operational success – ultimately boosting the bottom line. And when you have a team that values your training and development investment, you will be able to establish a long-serving and expert workforce that is committed to optimising your firm’s potential.

To find out more about how DPS Software can support your employees’ growth and development, contact us today.

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