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The COVID-19 outbreak marks the dawn of a new era, which is defined by constant shifts in business practices. Because what comes next will not be a return to the pre-COVID routine, legal leaders should embrace the idea of wider transformation as a way to outmanoeuvre uncertainty. In this context, being agile should be their first and foremost priority.

So, how can you start reshaping your law firm in these turbulent times?

Investing in an integrated legal management system is the first step you should take to find new growth pathways. Having such a system in place, will enable you to switch to agile operations that will streamline processes and ensure efficiency. This is because system integration can help your legal team better manage their day-to-day tasks by simplifying processes and increase their productivity by saving them time in manual work. All whilst keeping sensitive information safe and secure.

In this article, we look at the four key benefits of system integration and we explain how DPS Software allows you to get the absolute maximum of them.

1. Improved real-time visibility

Only through an integrated IT solution will your employees be able to collaborate as a team, work on the same documents from anywhere at any time without any data loss and transfer data from one system to another in real-time without any effort at all. And why is this important? Because it minimises the risks of poor decision making allowing your legal team to be instantly updated on recent developments and make accurate and timely decisions based on proper data. In this way, you can expect all aspects of your legal practice, ranging from client management to accounting and finance, to enhance.

2. Process efficiency

 After having an integrated IT solution in place, you will be able to update information through one platform instead of multiple subsystems allowing processes to run simultaneously. This will boost your legal team’s productivity by saving them valuable time and energy wasted on either learning how to use all these different tools or importing data manually. Added to that, they will also have easier access to the whole spectrum of information. As a result, they will spend more time productively working on their actual tasks, offering better customer care, and thus contributing to your law firm’s profits and overall growth.

3. Cost Savings

Another important benefit of system integration is that it allows your business to significantly reduce costs at every single phase of your processes. Keeping all your data stored at one central location will cut costs related to installing, procuring and maintaining multiple systems. Moreover, it will mitigate the risk of human error, which will in turn protect you from bad decisions and the associated financial loss. What is even more important though, is that system integration poses an enormous opportunity for your legal team to save time from trying to connect uncooperative touchpoints, and thereby stay entirely focused on helping clients, furthering your reach and increasing your profits.

4. Improved System Security

It is in the nature of legal businesses to deal with sensitive information, and thus your ethical obligation to employ special measures to keep it safe. This is far more difficult, when you have your data scattered across multiple repositories. In that sense, investing in an ISO27001 certified integrated system will be a massive step forward in protecting both yours and your clients’ data from falling into the wrong hands, leading to happier and more satisfied clients.


With over 35 years of experience in the legal technology market, we have developed market-leading software that is fully integrated empowering your law firm to embrace digital transformation, as the only way to cope with the rapid and continuous changes occurring in its environment. By working consistently in this direction, we have managed to become the first and only legal software provider to offer an ISO27001 certified holistic managed IT solution under the same roof. In practice, this means that all DPS software integrates with each other, with the ultimate purpose of these integrated workflows being to ensure business continuity, while making your life easier. All whilst meeting the highest standards in terms of security, safeguarding your valid assets against security breaches.

In particular, our system allows the seamless flow of financial information between DPS Financial Director, our legal accounting software, and DPS Spitfire, offering a complete office management system for all your employees. It also gives your legal team the opportunity to send messages to MyLegalSpace (MLS), our client portal solution, via DPS Spitfire, with the system ensuring that all documents and messages are safely saved for you.

Aside from our main integrations, we also offer DPS Land Registry Portal Integration, a brilliant addition to our conveyancing software, allowing conveyancers to submit forms, obtain official copy and complete property searches without having to leave DPS. Our Spitfire Conveyancing Software also integrates with search providers Index PI and TM Convey, enabling you to complete property searches, with all bills automatically passed to your accounts department as an e-chit.

Similarly, our legal accounts software, DPS Financial Director is fully making tax digital ready, enabling you to upload and submit your VAT return directly to HRMC. Finally, our system also integrates with Credas to provide real-time ID verification services and ensure compliance in line with anti-money laundering regulations.

And the list doesn’t even end here!

To find out more about how DPS Software can benefit your legal practice and get more fluid operations connected by automated, integrated workflows, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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