The Risks of Outdated Case Management Software | How To Ensure You're Always Up To Date

And How To Ensure You're Always Up To Date...


In today’s world, technology evolves at such a fast pace that it can feel impossible to keep up. It’s no surprise, then, that several law firms are more comfortable operating with outdated case management software than investing the time and money it takes to upgrade to a more current platform. We get it. Transferring data from one platform to the other is time-consuming and requires investment – do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Research says they do. According to Microsoft, 94% of small to medium-sized businesses recognise just how vital it is to keep their technology updated. Outdated software may seem cost-effective and easier, but it implies a world of harm for your business.


Risks of outdated software

Taking the time to keep your case management software up to date can transform your company. Outdated software may seem harmless, but it’s a genuine liability for your law firm’s day-to-day management. Let’s take a look at why…

  1. Security – High on every law firm’s list of priorities is security. Case management software contains client details, records on the progress of cases, internal notes, written communication from within the law firm and with clients, and much more. These details are confidential. Moreover, loss of such data could be severely damaging to cases and to your firm. All of this information is at risk with outdated software. According to Cenzic, 96% of outdated software has serious security liabilities. With the cost of cybercrime at $300 billion globally in 2013, it’s a risk no company can afford.


  1. Cost – You read that right. Maintaining outdated software will actually cost you more in the long run than upgrading to a more modern and efficient option. Many IT experts agree that providing immediate solutions for outdated software is nearly impossible. It’s also important to remember that technology has grown more interconnected and we now operate in a complex web. Outdated software is likely to be incompatible with the devices used to read it, such as laptops, computers and mobile phones. It may even be incompatible with third-party software and hardware, making the sharing of data impossible.


  1. System Failure – Outdated software is much more likely to crash, leading to system downtime. While IT experts have many definitions of ‘downtime’, it essentially refers to when your system is inaccessible. The costs of system downtime for your business can be enormous: it leads to loss of productivity, lower revenue, and disrupted schedules. But the real cost is in intangibles – you risk losing the faith of your clients. In today’s immediate and tech-driven landscape, software malfunctions are severely frowned upon and could lead to your client doubting your ability to get the job done.


These are only a sample of the risks associated with outdated software. Not staying up to date with the technology landscape is not an option for companies any longer.


Ensuring you’re up to date with cloud-based software

So what is the solution? Law firms do not have the time and energy to keep overhauling their data organisation systems, transferring case management information from one platform to another. Nor can they afford the risks associated with outdated technology. So what is the best answer to their conundrum?

The solution lies in cloud-based software. The advantages are manifold:

  • Cloud-based software updates automatically, which means that they are always in line with the current technology landscape. This ensures your data is always protected with the latest security.
  • Cloud-based software is also known for its mobility. It’s accessible from anywhere, not just within the four walls of the office, and is available on a range of devices. This makes it easier for your employees to complete their work, answer client queries immediately and be more efficient.
  • Any software you choose should be future-proof – it should allow your company to scale and grow with minimal hassle. Cloud-based software allows exactly that: if you need more space as your company grows, you can access it immediately, without investing in data infrastructure.
  • If your hardware in the office malfunctions, your data will be safe on the cloud, making data retrieval easier.


DPS Spitfire case management software offers you that and more – it’s easy to use and gives you peace of mind. To learn more about how DPS Spitfire can transform your company today, get in touch with our friendly team.


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