The use of legal software in the cloud is becoming more popular almost by the day, and with good reason. Firstly it will save you a considerable amount of money over running everything in-house, and it has the advantage of allowing you access to all of your documents, , to send and receive emails, bill your time, and much more, from wherever you happen to be.

However, before you rush out and sign a contract for solicitors’ software there are several things to bear in mind. Not the least of these is the goals that you have for your firm. Obviously, you would like to increase profitability and this can be achieved by billing more hours. Many firms are finding that too much of their fee earners’ time is being spent on essential work that does not directly result in fees. So you need to consider what aspects of your fee earners’ time could be carried out by software thus allowing them to increase their billable hours.

A very good idea is to review all of your departments, having the head of each department identify all of the processes within the department and listing all the ones presently carried out manually that could be done with software. This will allow you to set yourself some goals such as increasing your fee earners billable hours by a certain percentage within a particular time span. You might also plan to reduce your administrative overheads, reduce debtors, increase cash flow, and even possibly reduce staffing levels. All of these things can be achieved by using software, but you need to have fixed goals before you set out to find the software which can accomplish them.

Bear in mind also that the “very latest” technology may not be the best. You need to choose a software provider that is well-established and can cover all of your requirements.

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