Why DPS are Local Authorities Partner of Choice

Under constant pressure to become more efficient due to financial cutbacks, local authorities are always looking for new ways to become more efficient and make savings. This often includes looking at their IT provision, resulting in them approaching software management companies for assistance.

With 30 years of experience in the legal sector, DPS Software is the largest legal cloud services provider in the UK and currently hosts hundreds of legal businesses with thousands of users across the country. An increasing number of these are local authority clients.

Here, we look at why DPS is increasingly the partner of choice for local authorities.

Why are local authorities choosing DPS?

The past few years have seen the Alternative Business Structure (ABS) revolution in the legal sector, as non-legal leaders have introduced measures into local council legal teams to change the traditional way of operating, maximise on efficiency and lower costs wherever possible.

DPS has been an integral part of this, as local governments have chosen them as their partner to integrate change in their IT systems and the way they deliver their services. After working with many ABS companies in the private sector, DPS is well-placed to implement similar strategies in the public sector too.

What can DPS offer local councils?

DPS technology offers a solid foundation for any local councils, especially those adapting to the new ABS structure. Our local government legal software is already adapted to public sector needs and provides:

  • DPS Outlook Officefully Outlook-integrated, this case management system has several standard modules covering all areas of law such as conveyancing, wills, probate and family. It also has customisable modules, allowing it to be tailored to any less common specialisms your law firm might provide.
  • Financial Directorthis SAR-compliant legal accounting system works in conjunction with our case management system, making cases fully visible to all involved, from fee earners to cashiers.
  • mylegalspace accessed via a secure web-based portal, this is an online case-tracking solution. Both clients and fee earners can track cases, set milestones and exchange documents remotely, as well as converse using DPS SafeChat – our one-to-one secure mobile communications app.
  • TeamTalk integrated in your case management software, our digital dictation software simplifies the process.

A word from a valued local authority client

DPS was the partner of choice for LGSS Law when they were transitioning to the new ABS structure. Here, their project manager, Gareth Britten, explains his choice:

“The brief was to select a modern, flexible and integrated practice management system with a simple user interface enabling improvements to case management, financial control, regulatory compliance, bundling, the quality of services offered and the profitability of the firm. […] We wanted to give our case workers the tools they needed to access and produce information easier and quicker. Thanks to the case management software from DPS, we will be able to speed up processes and increase productivity, while the automated tasks embedded in the workflows will help us decrease error rates and enhance the quality of our work.”

Read the full case study here.

If you are in need of advice and guidance on our local authority products, get in touch with the DPS Software team today.

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