DPS Case management Software will help you save time and money, whilst being more secure and allowing you to work from anywhere in the world.

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Be more efficient, secure and mobile with DPS Case Management Software

Your practice could become more efficient with our Legal Case Management System, DPS Spitfire.

From creating a client file, recording time on the case and sharing documents with your clients, Spitfire helps you to save time every step of the way. This gives you more billable hours to do higher value work with less time spent on admin.

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Efficient Case Management

Spitfire allows you to open clients and matters by simply importing a form. No need for any double entry. Just get your client to complete a form, import it into the system and in seconds your file is open with all data recorded accurately.

Spitfire Case management Software also allows you to keep a full electronic file, meaning no need for printing or to keep paper files. All documents are stored in the file, easily accessible, amendable and shareable. You can sign the document electronically and then send either as an email attachment, or via our secure client portal. Your client can also then sign the document electronically, making their lives easier as well.

A full library of forms and letters are available whatever your practice area. All of these are automatically completed with the data you have already entered onto the system, saving you hours

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Secure Case Management Software

Not only will using DPS Case Management Software make your firm more efficient, it will also make your firm more secure.

DPS have attained the highest levels of data security, being ISO 27001 accredited at a company level as well as being Cyber Essentials accredited.

This means that any data that we hold will always be safe, making your due dilligence when deciding on DPS a lot easier.

DPS Spitifre, our web-based Case Management System, is regularly penetration tested and is fully https protected, meaning you are safe from any Man in the Middle Attacks (where an attacker hacks a public WiFi network to intercept login credentials).

Legal Case Management Software and Apps

Mobile Case Management Software

With DPS, you can also manage your cases on the go.

DPS Spitfire is a completely web-browser based Case Management Software. This means that you can log in on any device from anywhere. PC or Mac, iPad, Android or iPhone. Just log in via your browser.

This means you aren't limited to hiring within your local area and also gives you an extra benefit to offer over your competitors when hiring new staff. They can work from home, the office, court, anywhere!

Having all of your cases available online also makes setting up a new office a simple as setting up the WiFi and logging in. The same can also be said of your disaster recovery processes. If a computer breaks, or your office is flooded or damaged by fire, you can rest easy knowing that your data is still safe in the cloud and you can just access it from another machine.

Spitfire is complemented by DPS Mobile, our mobile Case Management App, which also allows you to record time and dictate direct into your case file.

With DPS Case Management Software, your firm will become more efficient, more secure and gain the freedom to work from anywhere.

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