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CG Naylor LLP

CG Naylor use practice management software from DPSCG Naylor LLP are a team of ambitious, successful property litigation solicitors based in London. They formed as an ABS in 2012 and have achieved considerable growth in the past 12 months, more than doubling the number of their staff and winning awards including the ‘’Highly Commended’’ Solicitor of the Year at the Enfranchisement and Right to Manage Awards 2014.

The Software

When setting up, the idea of a paperless office appealed to James Naylor, the firm’s Partner. He wanted his staff to be able to work from anywhere, home or office so that he could retain and recruit staff that needed flexible working and meet client’s needs.

He also understood that an IT infrastructure that required minimum input from him was essential to the business and its success. In effect, he wanted to get on and run the business and not become an IT manager.

After looking at different solutions that would serve this purpose, James chose dpscloud and the DPS practice management software. The case management system was completely embedded into Outlook, a system that he and his staff were already familiar with, making the product highly intuitive to use. The automated costing made the accounts and time recording, normally a chore, simple. Choosing to use dpscloud meant that he was using a cloud provider that already hosted over 100 legal businesses large and small and that knew their software inside out.


’As a new ABS, we have realised that in order for the business to run smoothly we needed the right technology in place. The fact that all our software solutions were provided and managed by one company made things easier for us, as there is one point of call for all IT-related matters which means that problems are quicker and easier to solve.’’ explained James Naylor.

Led by a young and energetic team of partners, CG Naylor are on the path to innovation and success both for them and for their clients.

The simple deployment of case, accounts and IT in the cloud all combined with ‘anywhere working’ was a winning combination. Their rapid take up of the system confirmed that he had chosen well and convinced him that this is the best IT solution for the SME business.

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