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Cummins Solicitors

Case management software-case-study-Cummins SolicitorsCummins Solicitors is an employment law firm in Leicester  founded in January 2011 by Michael Cummins, a previous partner at Freeth Cartwright. 

Michael had many aspects to consider when setting up a firm and was looking for the quickest and easiest route to get started.

The Software

After reviewing the many options available on the market, Michael decided to use the DPS case management software to manage the company’s day to day case work while enjoying the fully-managed IT infrastructure and support network that DPSCloud is offering. This immediately allowed them to hit the ground running and offer their clients the best possible service.

To read the entire case study, please download the PDF version here.

Using DPS catered for many of our requirements and issues in one go and took away loads of potential hassles. With DPS costs only increase as and when our firm expands, and they were able to meet all our needs and our budget says Michael. 

All DPS hosted users need is a computer and internet connection and DPS will handle the rest leaving out the middle men involved in many other providers’ hosted solutions. For one monthly fee DPS will provide all your software, manage your hardware and in the process offer key benefits including scalability and disaster recovery. Discover the benefits of managed IT for your legal business by reading this white paper.


I would recommend DPS Software to any start up firm who are aspiring to succeed and grow. It is apparent that DPS have a team of experienced technicians and engineers that will support their clients ever step of the way. We look forward to continuing to develop a strong and productive relationship with DPS and working alongside them as our company develops.” added Cummins.

If your firm is looking to make the next step up then find out how you can achieve your goals with DPS Software. Please contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation demonstration.

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