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LGSS Law Case Study Update

Lynne Owen with Award

Lynne Owen, Practice Manager of LGSS Law, with her award at the LLG Awards

UPDATE (Dec 2017): LGSS Law Ltd was set up in March 2015 in a merger between Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils in one of the first companies to be granted an ABS licence, allowing them to become a company owned by non-lawyers. Since then, the company has grown further, merging with Bedfordshire County Council in April 2016 and having more than 140 members of staff.

Such a period of change brought with it certain challenges, one of which was technology and what systems would be used. They opted for DPS in February 2017 which allowed them to operate across several offices using the same software.

Having managed to steer the company smoothly through all of these changes, Lynne Owen, Practice Manager for LGSS Law and her team won the Practice Manager/Business Team of the Year award at the Lawyers in Local Government Awards in November 2017.

We recently caught up with her to see how DPS has helped her through this change and helped to run such a big company with greater efficiency.

Can you give us a bit of background on LGSS Law, what the company does and the rationale behind the merger and forming the ABS structure?

LGSS Law was initially set up as a Shared Service in October 2010 between Cambridgeshire County Council and Northamptonshire County Council to provide legal services to the two founding Councils and also to a range of external clients in the public and not for profit sector. In March 2015 we became an Alternative Business Structure (ABS), and began trading as LGSS Law Ltd on 1 April 2015.

In April 2016 Central Bedfordshire Council joined LGSS Law as our third local authority owner. LGSS Law Ltd now employs nearly 160 members of staff within specialist legal teams and provides services to more than a hundred organisations across the public and not for profit sectors. We believe we are unique as a social enterprise law firm as we are run for the benefit of the clients.

What software are you using from DPS?

We are using the DPS Software Outlook Office Case Management System and Financial Director Legal Accounting Software.

What challenges did you face when implementing the software across the four offices and how were they overcome?

The challenges faced when implementing the system were that we had to fully integrate two case management systems and a separate financial system, not only did we have to implement the system structure and migrate vast amounts of historic and current data, we also had to provide enough information, training and support to our legal teams, who had operated the previous systems for some years, and accept the introduction of new business processes in terms of time recording and other regulatory processes, to which they had minimal historic exposure.

How do you think DPS has affected you as a business and your role as Practice manager?

The implementation of the DPS Case Management System has enabled our business to adopt more streamlined and efficient working processes, which accommodates our flexible working ethos. The reporting systems greatly enhance our ability, from a Practice Management perspective, to obtain a greater degree of data that assists with our own internal management processes.


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