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case management software-Quality Solicitors Turnerlaw-logoQualitySolicitors Turner Law cover a wide range of specialist areas including Conveyancing, Criminal and Family law, Personal injury and Employment.

In March 2009 DPS Software announced that they had taken over the development and maintenance, support services, sales and ongoing training duties of Access Legal Systems. The take-over of Access Legal Systems meant that firms such as QualitySolicitors Turner Law, who were using both Access and DPS Software solutions, began using one company for the support and maintenance services of their software.

The Software

Long-time users of Access Legal Systems for their accounts and loyal clients of DPS, Turner Law decided to move to Financial Director, our next-generation legal accounting software which offers the same functionalities as Access as well as new features.  This system works in conjunction with their Criminal Billing System and Family, Personal Injury and Conveyancing case management software from DPS. 

The time billing system enables all time spent in the preparation of letters and emails, the handling of telephone calls or attending meetings to be automatically captured along with all disbursements. In addition, the integrated diary system enables the firm to keep track of all key events and dates to ensure that every case was being handled efficiently. Staff are alerted of all events such as court dates, document submissions, witness notifications, and completion dates enabling key actions to be completed in a timely manner.

The DPS Crime case management software contracting operates according to the latest criminal Publicly Funded & Franchising criteria. It is a unique and powerful system which can literally save hours of valuable fee earning time.


The Practice Manager at QualitySolicitors Turner Law commented: ‘Our system has the flexibility to adapt to our way of working and is enabling the management team to keep a close watch on the business to ensure that every case is handled to the highest professional standards”. 

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