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Ronald Fletcher Baker use DPS to grow by more than 50%


Ronald Fletcher Baker is a multi-discipline law firm in the City of London, the West-End and Manchester and international. Over the last few years they have enjoyed a period of expansion increasing the head count by approximately 50%. The use of technology and the flexible and collaborative working it allows is one of the factors that has allowed them to do this.

Using DPS Software allows staff at RFB to work remotely which greatly improves the overall experience for their staff which in turn creates a better service for their clients. The software also allows numerous people in the firm to access a matter quickly and easily and add their expertise. This makes everyone in the team feel more engaged and involved with the overall running of the business.

“We’ve been undergoing a period of expansion over the last few years, our head count has increased approximately 50%”

Time saving is another key benefit they enjoy from the system such as reducing how long it takes to generate invoices from up to ten minutes to a maximum of one. As Rebecca says, a simple process for even the most ‘dinosaur’ of fee earner. See the video below for Rebecca’s thoughts in full.


View the video below to hear about it in Rebecca’s own words.

Rebecca Roberts Testimonial from DPS Software on Vimeo.


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