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Virtual Law

“Using technology to deliver exceptional service and value to our clients.”

This is the message and goal that defines the work of the commercial law firm Virtual Law and delivering on this promise made the firm’s selection of legal technology critical.

Virtual Law was founded in 2007 with the core aim of providing a more efficient and cost-effective way of supplying businesses with essential legal services. The firm has recruited a group of experienced and specialist commercial solicitors who work remotely and who rely upon technology to deliver expertise and advice.

With the Virtual Law model we wanted to do something different, something that traditional law firms couldn’t offer but had become possible thanks to advances in the performance and accessibility of hosted IT solutions” says Founder and Managing Director, Oliver Brice. DPS had already invested in the infrastructure necessary to provide firms with a unique hosted IT solution tailored to their specific needs.

Managed IT solutions

So, what were the factors that attracted Virtual Law to DPSCloud and what made the solution impossible to ignore when the firm came to making a decision on their future technology supplier?

Of primary importance to Virtual Law was the ability to provide remote working capabilities and link together a dispersed team of fee-earners. DPSCloud not only brings the users’ hosted desktops, including their critical applications, to their terminals at home but allows access to their DPS case management software on remote devices such as the iPad and iPhone. In addition to these operational advantages that are crucial if the firm is to fulfil the potential of their business model, Virtual Law can also rest assured that high-level business continuity and disaster recovery procedures are in place.

The fact that firms can also access their legal software as part of the package is an unique feature of our managed IT solution. DPS Software have a long background in legal case management software and offer market-leading products such as Outlook Office case management and Cashier legal accounts. Being able to take advantage of cutting-edge systems like these is yet another reason why Virtual Law has been able to capitalise on their virtual model and make the venture a success.


“Working with Virtual Law has been a hugely interesting project as our DPSCloud solution doesn’t just provide them with the benefits of hosted IT, without a hosted solution their whole business model would simply not be possible” observes DPS Managing Director Osman Ismail. As with all our clients who take advantage of a DPSCloud solution we’ve progressed beyond the usual supplier-client relationship and become the strategic technology partner firms need in this increasingly competitive legal market.

Indeed, Virtual Law has experienced strong year on year growth since the firm’s creation, no mean feat for a commercial law firm during a period of recession.

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