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Why DPS Software is the Partner of Choice for Local Authorities

Why DPS are Local Authorities Partner of Choice

Under constant pressure to become more efficient due to financial cutbacks, local authorities are always looking for new ways to become more efficient and make savings. This often includes looking at their IT provision, resulting in them approaching software management companies for assistance. With 30 years of experience in the legal sector, DPS Software is…

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Delivering Value Through Effective Reporting

Delivering Value Through Reporting | DPS Software

Law firms are performance-driven environments. Be it due to clients wanting results yesterday or efficiency becoming more important because of cuts to the public sector, the legal sector is constantly looking for ways to improve the way they operate. One solution lies in investing in software, another in finding high-achieving team members. The combination of…

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When William met Beatrix

William Heelis met Beatrix Potter (the Children’s author) when she visited his office looking for legal advice over a property purchase. They soon married, and the firm founded by William, Temple Heelis solicitors has now been established for almost 200 years. With offices in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK across the…

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Things To Consider When Changing Practice Management Software

Things You Need To Consider

Think about the last time you made a significant purchase. A new sofa, a set of garden furniture, a new car. Now think about how much research you did beforehand. You probably looked into several options, asked for opinions from friends and family, and scoured through online reviews. When looking for a new business to…

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