Delivering Value Through Effective Reporting

Delivering Value Through Reporting | DPS Software

Law firms are performance-driven environments. Be it due to clients wanting results yesterday or efficiency becoming more important because of cuts to the public sector, the legal sector is constantly looking for ways to improve the way they operate. One solution lies in investing in software, another in finding high-achieving team members. The combination of…

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Time Tracking – The Key to Great Management

Time Tracking - The Key to Great Management | DPS Software | Blog

The notion of time tracking is not always well-received. For employees, it can create a sense of being watched and not trusted by management. Employers can see it as too rigid and a process that could crush the creativity of their team. However, approached in the right way, time tracking can provide crucial insights into…

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National Law Firm Davies and Partners Move to the Cloud

“We were very happy with DPS’ implementation of the new systems and both employees and clients are now seeing the benefits.” Company Profile Company Name: Davies and Partners Number of Users: 180 Number of Offices: 4 Location(s): Birmingham, Bristol, Gloucester, London Practice Areas: Commercial; Conveyancing; Family; Personal Injury; Wills & Probate Software Used: Outlook Office; Financial…

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Criminal Case Software From DPS Makes Your Life A Lot Easier

DPS Software provides users with criminal case management software that gives precedents covering a firm’s typical requirements yet is totally flexible. It is designed so that you can customise it to fit in with your own day to day working practice. It has been built from the ground up for the criminal lawyer who needs the control…

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Benefits Of Legal Case Management Software

Legal case management software has been around for some time now. Indeed, at DPS software we have been providing assistance to legal practices for over 30 years so it is not as though the idea is some sort of amazing new technology that has only just arrived on the market, even though we strive to…

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What to Consider When Choosing Legal Software

The use of legal software in the cloud is becoming more popular almost by the day, and with good reason. Firstly it will save you a considerable amount of money over running everything in-house, and it has the advantage of allowing you access to all of your documents, , to send and receive emails, bill…

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Legal Billing Software Makes Your Life So Much Easier

Leeal Accounting Software

The legal billing software designed by DPS Software has been created to make your life that much simpler, and has been developed over a period of 30 years. It works from the time record, when the fee earner records time it is automatically added to the right claim form which then posts bills to the accounts. There…

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