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Webinar: J Codes and Precedent H Billing using DPS

This event has now passed.

Location: Online
Event Date: 31/05/2017

Date TBC

J Codes are a method of presenting and preparing bills in litigation cases. Essentially the bill is presented in phases and there is often a limit to each phase of work and the user needs to be warned when approaching a phase limit. J Codes are not going to be introduced this year and we are aware there is confusion over when they are going to be introduced. Having said that DPS has amended their systems so work can be recorded in phases and warnings issues at each phase if limits are being approached. This is very similar to the way Precedent H works. DPS will have amended the precedent H module so the terminology fits in with any new scheme that is phase based (Precedent H, J Codes or another) by the end of March 2017. Having said these changes are purely cosmetic but the functionality is the same as precedent H.

DPS are advised in these matters by James Scozzi who is a costs expert and managing partner at

James will be holding a series of webinars for DPS on this subject over from May 2017 onwards and more information about the webinar is coming soon.

Some more information about James can be found here –

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