DPS are thrilled to be attending the LLG Annual Governance Conference for the first time.

Taking place at the Hilton, St George's Park, Burton upon Trent from the 15th to 17th October, DPS will be on hand to show how our browser based software can ensure your legal department remains compliant.

Local Government Legal departments all have a duty of Governance but being able to display evidence of its establishment and monitoring.

Software and its smart usage can be a critical part of the Governance challenge. System monitoring starts at a very low level, checking every users’ log in, log out and actions when acting on cases or using software. There must be no doubt as to who did what for effective accountability. This is both a safety net and potential training guide for users.

DPS works in local government legal departments and can be used to set procedures and then carry out monitoring of those procedures to ensure they are being followed.

Come along to see us and learn more.



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