Are Electronic Signatures Valid

How would you enhance the journey your law firm's clients take?

Would you speed up the process from start to finish?

Perhaps minimise the amount of effort the client has to put in?

Maybe allow them to do everything digitally?

How about all of these things?

Join us on our webinar on Thursday 9th July and we will show you how you could enhance your clients' journey with DPS.

You'll see how your clients can retrieve quotes from your website, complete onboarding digitally, share documents electronically and also how you can obtain reviews more easily from your many satisfied customers.


11:00 Welcome to the webinar and general introduction 
11:10 How to generate quotes from the web
11:35 How to track & handle the opportunities created 
11:50 Changing an opportunity to a case 
12:00 How clients can use your firm's app to make an opportunity
12:25 How to sign and send a letter to a client's smartphone
12:30 Brief Overview of Spitfire
12:40 A little about Review Solicitors from Review Solicitors
12:45 How to send a file to review solicitors for review
12:55 General Q & A

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