So you’ve got this shiny new piece of software. Yay!

It’s got all the bells and whistles, but wait, what does this button do? How do you do this? Are you going to break it?

This is a situation that wouldn’t occur with DPS.

When you decide to use DPS, you get access to our team of expert trainers and now we have developed the ‘DPS Hub’. The DPS Hub contains all of the information you could ever need when working with us. Software updates, our latest news and events and most importantly, the DPS Academy.

The DPS Academy allows users to take a completely online course at their leisure. We explain how to use all of our software in a series of short, easily-digestible videos.

So if you ever have a new member of staff, there’s no need to call in a trainer or for one of your staff to waste hours, teaching them how to use the system. They can just watch the videos. In this free one-hour webinar, you can see exactly how the DPS Hub and Academy works.

Just complete the form below to watch the webinar.

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