How old is your workforce?

Are they ageing, or have you had an influx of young members of staff?

Well by 2025, it is expected that 75% of the national workforce will be millennials.[1] And even worse, only 29% of millennials feel engaged at work.[2]

You may be thinking, why does it matter whether they’re engaged? As long as they do their job, that’s all that matters, right?


A disengaged workforce will lead to lower productivity, higher absenteeism and a higher staff turnover rate, so it is imperative that you adapt as the younger generation enter the workforce.

So how do you engage these all-important millennials?

Well, studies have shown that millennials want to work in an ethical company, that combats climate change (see our webinar on going paper-lite), income inequality and supports innovation in the workplace. They want to feel valued and that they are doing important work that is having an impact.[3]

All of these should be fairly straightforward and amount to good business management, but another way to engage the tech-savvy youth is by giving them appropriate systems to work with.

Nobody, let alone millennials, want to work with an out-dated, slow system. That’s where DPS Spitfire, our brand-new Practice Management System comes in. We have developed Spitfire to be quicker and better looking than any other system out there. You can manage your entire practice from within one, browser-based system. What’s not to love about that?

Trust me, I’m a millennial.

You can see Spitfire in action in our free one-hour webinar.

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